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Construction Workers

Our Services

Since our founding in 1988 we’ve been at the forefront of all the latest products and techniques, offering a wide range of services to handle our clients’ needs. From intensive project management to job oversight, we do it all for the most competitive rates on the market. Call us today for a free consultation.




Construction Management

The role of construction management is to control a project's time, cost and quality. During construction, we provide the clients with detailed schedules, status reporting, project management and field supervision. We will provide all construction materials and equipment while coordinating with all subcontractors and engineering teams. Our management will provide a safe and healthy work environment accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements and will strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards.


Design Build Services

Design Build Construction method occurs when clients select a design-build arrangement where they work with a general contractor directly instead of several contractors and consultants. The Contractor is then in charge of managing a design team of professional architects and engineers for the design as well as the responsibility to build the project. This method has been proven to offer reduced design time, shorter time to obtain professional drawings and permits, and allows for the project to be customized to the actual site conditions easily.



We have established solid relationships with various architects and engineers who work closely with our firm to ensure cost effective solutions with the intent of providing functional and attractive concepts. We utilize these relationships to ensure our clients have a comprehensive picture of the project. It is important to work with a contractor that can bring your ideas to life and we pride ourselves with our determined attitude to make sure our clients' ideas are carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Construction Worker


All Types

We specialize in providing quality commercial spaces. From functional offices to impressive reception spaces we can help design the perfect space for your business. A competent contractor is essential to the outcome of your building. Here at Petra Holdings Ltd. we will work with you to make sure that your building reflects innovative technology and efficiency. 


Pre-Engineered Buildings & Structural Steel

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings offer a manageable setup and an ease of installation. These buildings also are efficiently designed to be sturdy, secure, and durable, which allows them to surpass the properties of wood for a strong resistance to the elements, with a galvanized finish that resists rust and corrosion. 

Family by Fireplace


Petra Holdings Ltd. extend our services to clients looking to remodel, renovate, and modernize their existing properties. We strive to not only take into consideration our clients existing needs, but also future plans for growth and modernization.

Multi-Family Residences

Petra Holdings Ltd. can tackle large and small multi-family residential projects; including condos, apartments, and gated communities. Designing and constructing modern living spaces focuses on incorporating exciting designs and modern elements into a functional home. The goal of multi-family projects is to provide a space which is functional, comfortable, and also new and innovative. We have an experienced team who are capable of achieving the vision necessary with a high quality of work.

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